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Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy relieves restrictions in the interconnections between the motion of all the organs and structures of the body nerves, blood vessels, and fascial compartments.

Viscera have slippery surfaces and are attached to the walls of body cavities and the spine by ligaments. Adhesions and tensions can alter or restrict these movements and stress the organs.

Osteopathic mobilisations of the viscera assist in the release of spinal and joint restrictions. This eliminates muscular spasms and tensions in the ligaments, thereby restoring complete mobility to the joint.

Following early work by Andrew Taylor Still DO and William Garner Sutherland DO, Jean-Piere Barral RPT, DO built on these innovative therapies to create this method of detailed assessment and highly specific manipulation.

Osteopathy Judith O'Sullivan - Mallow, Cork

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